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How to write a solid article review from scratch

An article review consists basically of overview of an article. This overview can be critical and analytical of the article. However, most of the time, article review is usually written for academic purposes or during thesis conduction. Most of the time, students find it quite complicated to write a solid article review in short time especially when they haven’t read the article or cannot understand it well. Despite it being an intricate task, there is an easier way to accomplish the review writing task. There are a few things to be taken care of. Following is a simple guide which can simplify the review writing process.

  • Choose the topic:
  • Select the topic on which you want to do research. Next task to write review is to select the article of which you want to write review. Selection of article itself can be difficult as there are hundreds and thousands of articles available on a single topic.

  • Components of article:
  • See what the article comprises of. An article is usually based on some supporting theory. This theoretical base needs to be viewed for conceptual clarity. Next thing important is main argument and analysis of the article. Methodology and results are also very important in an article, especially when writing a review. Remember that, an article is discussed in such manner as to address the professionals or persons of the particular field.

  • Draw your own concepts:
  • History is not important for writing the review but it does play role in your understanding of the topic and article. You must know the contribution of that article and its historical discourse. You do not have to write it all but just clarify your own concepts so that writing may be profound and authentic.

  • Specify:
  • Once having grasped the basic ideas, you are able to focus on your writing content. From the whole content in your mind, you need to get specific about what should be brought to paper and how. It can be made a lot easier by dividing your review into sections. This way you can handle it better. v

  • Original:
  • Make sure that your writing content is genuine. It is important to note here that not all reviews are same because of individual styles of writing and also, different ideas about research and reviews. So just follow your original idea and way to write. Whatever you write should be in a professional and genuine way.