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How To Properly Craft A Compliant Article Review

Different instructors will refer to this kind of assignment in one of many ways: an article review, an article critique, or an article summary. Despite minor differences between how individual instructors would like your review to be structured there are still some common elements you will find across all types of review in all disciplines. Here’s how to craft a compliant article review:

  • Cite the Source Being Reviewed: An article review is usually headed by citation of the source article you are reviewing. This means listing all pertinent information such as the author’s full name, the article’s complete title, publication, and date of publication. If the article is part of a journal, magazine or newspaper then be sure to include the page numbers where the article can be found.
  • Summarize the Article’s Highlights: A summary of the article’s highlights should occur in your introduction. The best way to write this is to first make a list of each major point made in the original article. Read each paragraph and summarize the content in a phrase or short sentence. Don’t just provide a bulleted list of the author’s main arguments; find ways to combine these brief statements in a way that you discuss only the top-level major points.
  • Indicate the Article’s Significance: The original article should have some hint about why the author or researchers embarked on the writing the article in the first place. Does it further past studies? Does it debunk previously held ideals or notions? Be sure you restate the article’s significance within the topic. This will help you decide if the article was necessary at all.
  • Evaluate the Article: Now it’s time to take the article’s pros and cons in determining if the article has succeeded in getting its point across. This is the most essential part in your review because it will let your instructor, and any other reader of your review, know whether the original article is worth consulting in their own research.
  • Add Your Conclusion: In your conclusion you should restate your opinion of the article. Restate all of the major points and show whether or not the source article worked. Don’t assume your reader will easily understand your opinion, go ahead and show your reader exactly why you have come up with your conclusion.

Be sure to incorporate any special components of a review that your instructor has requested. If you are unsure of the formatting do ask to see a sample. After reviewing a few samples you will become more familiar with all of the items discussed above and you will be writing great reviews in no time.