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 Writing article reviews: finding additional information

Article review is the assessment and evaluation of another article written precisely and critically. Article reviews are written in order to create understanding of the original article. Review is the short but elaborative and brief introduction of original work in precise terms covering all the major points of the original article. Article reviews are generally written in order to grab an idea about the article and original work done by experts. Now a days it is included in the curriculum of our academia that teachers assign their students to read the reviews of articles so that students can take a look and develop a concept or idea about the original work done by professionals.

Sometime teachers also assign students to write a review of the article by reading the article. Some students find it a tricky task and they feel difficulty in writing a review of the article. They do not understand from where to get the information and what information they must include in a review. This article will provide you with an outline which you can follow while writing an article review. In order to write an impressive article review you have to gather additional information and then you have to add this information logically to your review.

Following are the main steps which you need to take while creating a remarkable article review:

Reading the Original Article:

You need to read the original article several times for which you are going to create a review. Reading it several times helps you develop the understanding of the article and you can get a better idea that what the article is all about. You can underline or highlight the key concepts discussed in the article.


In this step, you can draw a rough outline for you to summarize the important points of the article. You may re-read the summary outline and wipe away the unnecessary points or details from it.

Sketch for Personal touch:

After writing the important points to be discussed in summary, you must make a sketch for your personal opinions i.e. where and how you are going to put your personal opinion in the review.

Start writing First Draft:

After making these outlines, you may start writing your fist formal draft. Start with an appealing title and do not forget to mention the name of author of the original article.

Main body:

Make the main body of your review by adding information about all important concepts discussed in article.


Conclude your review with a meaningful end.