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Article review writing: things to leave out

An article review is one of the most critical written assignments a student has to write in his academic career. Students tend to be very stressed out about writing a literature review because it is not like normal essay writing or story writing. It is a critical writing task that needs logical thinking and analytical skills at the student’s end.

Article review writing

Article reviews need to be very formal and academic. An article review is a paper that shows the precious history and related published materials on a certain topic. The student when chooses a certain topic for his thesis he is then required to first research on what has been already written on the subject. Every subject is vast and has many aspects that can be possibly discussed, the student is supposed to collect information on how much work has been done previously on the concerned topic. Some areas of the research topic would already be discussed and some of them would still be new. You should select a topic that is unique and needs attention. The topic you choose should be able to justify the social impact of the subject on a wider scale.

Stay focused

When you write an article review it is important that you stay focused. It is therefore important to relax for a while and start with a fresh mind. This will help you to concentrate better and stay focused on the subject. Your topic will have a broader aspect as well. Begin by discussing the broader view of your subject and then gradually move to your required area. Narrow down your research so that your reader can easily understand your focus.

Leave unnecessary details

Most articles tell you what you should include in your article review. This confuses the students as they don’t know what they should leave out. This article focuses on leaving unnecessary details in your article review. You are allowed a maximum of 20 pages for your article review. Make sure all 20 of them add value to your overall paper and none of them is misleading.

Leave irrelevant history and background

Do not go on including long background and history if it does not contribute in elaborating your research topic. Only include background that is enough to help the reader understand the purpose of your research.

Leave irrelevant statistics and facts

It is important to include only relevant facts and figures in your article review.