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What is the purpose of an article review?

Before we discuss the purpose of an article, it is important that we understand what an article review is. It is a critique of someone else’s writing. If you are a college student or are studying in a university, then your professor might have assigned you a task of evaluating an expert’s article. Evaluation does not necessarily mean negative criticism. It means that you have to point out the strengths and identify the weaknesses in an article or a written material.

To be able to review an article you need to go through it several times. You have to analyze the headings, titles, order of the paragraphs and finally the conclusion. The first time you read it, you will check the main points. In the second time, you will have to read the article in detail, to see if there is anything the writer has missed. In the third time you should take a pen or marker in your hand, so that you can highlight the areas that are important.

The basic purpose of an article review

The main aim of an article review is that it identifies the areas in an article that lack certain information. The reader has to stay unbiased and give a summary of the entire article in his own words. Make sure you avoid repetition. You should write the summary that includes all the important points.

The aim of an article review is also to highlight the future scope of the article. The writer should be able to identify what was left unattended. The future scope means, how much work can be done in this field on the specific subject.

An article review also gives a background of the subject. It must throw light on the subject and show why there was a need for this subject to be discussed. How much existing material is available on this topic already and how are these works different from each other.

To be able to write a good article review, you have to stay devoted and attentive throughout. You need to make an outline of the article. This is where you list the order of the paper, the main headings, sub headings, the statistics, the conclusion and everything that you consider, is important.

If you follow these guidelines then you will be able to write an excellent article review.