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How to Write a Solid Article Review

An article review is an essay that includes the student critiquing academic article content of some shape or form.  There are general rules that apply for an assignment of this nature, yet students should also keep in mind instructions given by your professor.  The essay itself is comprised of a brief summary, main idea or main points, and other data to provide supporting evidence.  While the overall concept may seem simple enough, there are a few elements students find challenging during the creative writing process.  The following tips may help you understand how to development basic components of your review.

  • Content presented for the review should be read thoroughly.  This means you may need to read and re-read the content to get a further understanding of the information.  Note the thesis, introduction, conclusion, and other sections of the content.  Did the writer express details in a clear manner? Do you understand the main idea and the overall significance of the content you read?  Write down notes based on what you read or what stood out to you.
  • When you write your review try to present in-depth meaning as far what the writer was trying to accomplish.  You may ask questions regarding their position, claims and how they relate to the thesis or main idea. Does the information presented support the main idea and is the argument valid? Do you agree or disagree with what has been presented?
  • Your summary should be about one paragraph which summarizes the article content you read.  In most cases your summary for this type of writing will consist of just a few sentences highlighting main details.
  • After your summary paragraph, you will talk about how the content contributes to its subject area or field.  Does the article feature a new thought or concept?  Did the writer do well in gathering information to support the thesis?  Do you feel the writer has become more advance in their specialized field of study? It helps to provide an example while writing. 
  • Your evaluation or review should be a few paragraphs long. You are critiquing the content you just read for quality and value.  Do you feel research was thorough?

Try to review sample article reviews online.  Your instructor may also have tips on how to create your review.  College and university websites may also have sample reviews for students to study.