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How to present an article review

Getting just the perfect presentation for your review is crucial. Whether you are doing this review as a written assignment or presenting it in person or both, it’s important to get a good outline to work from.

The first priority is to know the article you are reviewing. Read it several times and be able to answer questions about it. Re-writing the article in your own words is a fantastic way to improve your understanding about what the original author was trying to say.

Here are the important components of a good article review:

  • The Introduction. In this opening paragraph, you should state what article you will be reviewing. The title of the article, author and date it was written should be included. Don’t forget a reference for where to locate the article. Then place a “hook”. In other words, an interesting lead on why the reader should continue reading.
  • An overview. This should be a succinct but brief way of portraying what the article is basically about. Don’t spoil the ending quite yet. Just enough to pique your reader’s interest and keep them reading.
  • The summary. This is a few main points of the article, possibly including a few quotes so the reader hears the original author’s exact words and tone.
  • Assessment. In this section, you will evaluate the article in your own words. Exactly what did you think of it? What conclusions did you draw and why? This part is the bulk of your review. It’s kind of like the body of an essay. It contains the most information.
  • The conclusion. Some refer to this closing paragraph as the summary. In this part, you will draw your conclusion. You will summarize what your review’s main point was. This is the very last thing your reader will read, and is most likely to remember. Make this paragraph really count.

An article review is not as easy as it sounds. It can often be more difficult to review someone else’s work than to write your own. You must try to go into the head of the original writer and try to discover why they wrote what they did. How did it make your feel? Did you agree or disagree with it? And why? The reader of your review may draw their own conclusion, form their own opinion. They won’t necessarily agree with yours. It’s your purpose in the review to state your viewpoint as strongly as you can, yet leave room for thought.