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Important elements of an article review

There are many parts that come together in order to make a successful and thorough article review. You don't want to add too many things and bog the review down, but you also don't want a lack of substance. Below you will find a few key elements that are important when it comes to writing a complete article review.

  • Introduction
  • Every written essay or article of any type needs an introduction. It should be strong enough to tell the reader what they're getting into without being so detailed that there isn't any reason to continue reading on.

    This should be no more than a paragraph long, though you shouldn't feel as though you've done something wrong if you decide to branch it out to two paragraphs.

  • Summarization
  • So that every reader knows what you are talking about in your review, you should summarize the key parts of the article you're reviewing. Don't rewrite the whole thing, just write about the more important parts. More specifically, the parts you plan on talking about in your review. This should span through more than one paragraph. Actual size will depend on how long the article you're reviewing is and how long you want your review to be.

    Assuming that your article review is comprised of ten paragraphs, this should be about three paragraphs long.

  • Opinions
  • Start out by giving an opinion on the article itself. Keep it general, and include what you think about the topic in general, if that's the kind of review you're writing. For instance, if you were writing a review of this article, you could mention whether or not you really found it helpful.

    Continuing with the ten paragraph assumption, this should be about two paragraphs long.

  • Critique
  • The purpose of a review is to point out flaws and highlight positive attributes, so don't be afraid to criticize and critique the article. In essence, you'll be going over the material that is in your summarization and reviewing it. This should be bigger than the summarization.

    In a ten paragraph article review, this portion should be three to four paragraphs long.

  • Conclusion
  • Everything needs a conclusion; it's just as important as the introduction. Make sure that you summarize your article review and wrap everything up in this paragraph. Repeat your general opinion about the original article in here somewhere, and end it on a note that leaves the reader with a feeling of closure.