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Directions On How To Find An Article Review Sample

Students are often unfamiliar with the idea of writing an article review. They have written articles and used articles to help defend a thesis in an essay, but very few instructors assign reviews of articles themselves. Instructors can explain how to write an article review, but students today benefit from actually seeing an article review. Here are a few tips to finding a good articles review sample to use as a template:

  • Visit writing websites:
  • Writing websites are in the business of selling their writing services to students, but many of them have blogs and free samples for their customers. The free samples are intended to be used as templates or inspiration for other assignments. If you do find an article sample from a writing website, do not ever use any of the sample in the writing that you submit for a grade.

  • Check out writing blogs:
  • Since writers enjoy writing, they want to teach other people about different styles of writing. Some write about professional writing and others will focus on academic writing. If you do find a good writing sample, let the blogger know that you appreciate that writer’s work. When you look at the writing sample, take a look at the thesis, the topic sentences, and the examples used. If you follow the sample sentence by sentence, you should be able to craft a high quality article review.

  • Find a collegiate writing site:
  • There are several colleges that provide writing and grammar websites for their students. Some of the sites are free to the general public, too. These are the most reliable sites when it comes to writing samples because they are crafted by educational organizations for academic purposes. Again, never copy the samples that you find because you do not want to be accused of plagiarism.

  • Use your textbooks:
  • Most textbook publishers have created useful websites that enhance the information included in the print books. You might have to look at a textbook from a different publishing company to find exactly what you want. Publishing companies might also include links to other websites that have several examples of writing assignments. You might need a special code or a username and password to access a website created by a publishing company to support a textbook. Remember that publishing companies are in business to make money, so they will do what they can to limit access to paying customer.