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Good reviews writing tips – how to be authentic?

Words define the depth of any good story, or review. One’s choice of words aren’t just a minor thing to look after while writing an essay or a story; in fact, it’s one of the most important things to consider because even though two words are synonymous, they have varied usage and meanings – especially in the review writing world. Here’s how writers can truly authenticate their online review writings:

Be an authority

Writing does come from the heart and soul – that goes without saying. However, when writing about online shopping experiences and similar product comparisons, your job is proving yourself as the authority on the subject matter. People tend to latch onto those who are honest, yet really draw nearer to those who’ve proven themselves as an authority on whatever is being written. Therefore, it goes without saying that having experience in the subject area helps tremendously.

Actually try what you’re reviewing

Those who’ve never played games, purchased cameras or purchased subscriptions cannot viably review these topical areas. You must prove knowledge by actually trying products being reviewed, in other words. You cannot expect to halfheartedly approach assignments like review writing and expect the finished product to read very well, in other words. Try the products, play the games or at least interview people who have, and disclose your findings within the review.

Tell it like it is

Throughout your review writing, it’s imperative that all views are pragmatic, not sugar coated. Remember, reviews are only there to help individuals or companies, not hurt them. Describe your experiences when using the products or services, including the finer points of each feature. Never deviate from the truth; readers appreciate honesty over some convoluted fake account or, even worse, an overly joyous review that was obviously paid for by the company. The more real it sounds, the more it will resonate with your readers.


Not only is it important to understand the gravity of your sentences, it is equally important to realize the repercussions of having a poor choice of words specifically if you plan to write a review or any such write up having a public appeal. Although reviews are meant to be pragmatic, it’s never suggested that individuals copy off what other major review sites, like Consumer Reports, have previously said. Finally, always spell and grammar check your work to ensure high quality; poor spelling also equates to poor review quality, regardless how honest you were.