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Academic Advice: How Do You Write A Report Paper

Writing a report paper is a scientific process. You will work as a researcher to get to the bottom of an issue. The best academic advice when writing a report paper is as follows:

  • Select the Topic
  • First and foremost, like with any paper, you will need to select the topic before doing any writing. Select something you are passionate about. This is especially important with a report paper because you will be acting as an investigator. With a report, you will want to find a question or area of interest you wish to get to the bottom of. You will do heavy investigation work on the subject, so best not to pick something boring.

  • Pose Questions
  • Once you have selected your topic, you will next want to pose your question. What point do you plan to make about the topic? Present your topic, the general information about it, and what main points you could possibly make about it. Thinking about these main points will help you with the next step, problem solving.

  • Solve Problems
  • After posing all of the questions about your topic, your job will be to provide the support. You are working in a top to bottom method, starting off with a large issue narrowing it down to a specific topic, then posing quantifiable questions about the subject. Then, you will scientifically report on the solutions and information for the topics and questions presents.

  • Closing the Topic
  • Once you have worked from the top to the bottom, starting with a large issue and ending with a proven or disproven hypothesis, you will be ready for closing point. Here, the conclusion, will not be where any new information is presented. The conclusion will be where you, the research, will make final deductions about the topic. You will have the opportunity to raise any last points and drive home your ultimate conclusion.

  • Review
  • Once you have completed a draft of your report, you will be ready for review. Review on your own, reorganizing your paper however you see best fit and making any necessary updates. You will want to edit for major changes or ways to strengthen your paper. After you feel satisfied, consult peers or superiors for additional review. Peer reviewers can be helpful to get an opinion of a reader, as well as a great source of syntactical/grammatical review.