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Writing An Article Review Can Be Quite Interesting

An article review is an evaluation of a specific writer’s article. Used often in academic settings, article reviews are a great way to summarize a lengthy piece and share its general ideas without requiring the audience read it. The review can function as not only a way to direct others to the information within the article, but also as a way to save others the time needed to read it themselves. It also offers the opportunity to add information that the author may have missed – or submit a rebuttal to a statement or overall argument.

Regardless of the article’s topic, it is important to follow some simple rules to make sure you conduct a thorough, and engaging review. When writing about an issue or topic you find interesting, the review writing process can be quite enjoyable.

Creating an Interesting Article Review

  1. Read and Reread: As you read the article, make sure to take notes or highlight important points and sections.
  2. Evaluate the Theme: It is important to understand the main points that the author is trying to make.
    • What is the overall theme?
    • What supporting arguments does the author make?
    • Does the author point to a need for further review or research?
    • What action is suggested by the article?
  3. Create an Outline: Cluster or outline the main points that the author made – and how they support the overall theme.
    • What does the author use to support their overall theme?
    • Does the author include multiple, scholarly sources?
    • Does the author suggest further reading?
  4. Create Your Outline: After outlining the author’s opinion piece, create the outline you will use to review their article.
    • Do you feel the author’s main theme was clear enough?
    • Did the author provide you with enough evidence?
    • What do you feel the author could have done better?
    • What do you feel the author excelled at?
    • Did the author offer a clear solution?
  5. Write a Short Summary: In just a few paragraphs, using your own words, write down the main points that the author was trying to make. Use your article outline to make this step easier.
  6. Express Your Opinion: Using your outline, explain your perception of the article. Refer to specific points within the article to make your point – and provide accurate solutions to suggest how the author may have addressed certain topics better or where the author did particularly well. Always tie your opinion back to the source so that it remains grounded in fact.
  7. Create a Cohesive Whole: Combine the summary and opinion pieces you’ve created to make a cohesive review. Make sure that each section contains clear topic sentences that prove your overall point about the original author. Cite the original source where necessary.
  8. Request Peer Review: Ask a peer to review your article review – preferably someone who has previously read the specific article that your review addresses.

Completing Your Review

The goal of an article review is not to recreate the wheel. Article reviews are a medium used to share worthy points, expand on areas that may need additional information, or make a formal rebuttal of an author’s argument.