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How to Make Your Thesis Interesting?

Let’s be honest: most academic writing is often dry and dull. Most students are simply trying to fulfill the basic requirements of their assignments, and rarely spend the time or energy trying to create interesting and compelling essays. It’s difficult enough to write a paper that is well-argued and coherent. How do you write one that’s fun to read on top of that? The key lies with the thesis statement. An essay succeeds or fails based on the strength of its thesis, so if that’s interesting, then the rest of the paper is most likely going to be a good read. Here are some tips on you can come up with a killer thesis statement:

  • Write about something you care about. If you can’t find anything interesting in your topic, chances are your readers won’t be able to, either. This should be easy enough if you get to choose your own topic, but what if it’s assigned to you. If you can’t write what you care about, you’ll have to be able to care about what you write. That’s easier said than done, of course, but if you do enough research on your topic you should be able to find something that sparks your interest. Here’s a trick: find something that angers or annoys you about your topic. Find an article expressing an opinion you disagree with. It’s often easier to be passionate when disagreeing with someone else’s idea.
  • Be specific. In general, a good thesis is specific, because it takes clear and logical writing to argue a specific point. But a specific thesis is also a compelling one, and it often highlights aspects of a problem or issue people haven’t thought about before. Ask yourself if there’s you can narrow down your topic a bit more and focus on a particular part it.
  • Don’t be afraid of controversy. Strong opinions are interesting even (or especially) when we disagree with them. Try taking a stance that you don’t normally hear defended, and see what kind of case you can make for it. This is a good way to get yourself interested in your paper, too!
  • Be original. Often when studying a subject, we hear the same ideas and opinions over and over again. Do some reading on your topic and see if you can come up with an angle nobody’s heard before.