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Organ Donation - Article Sample

Over four thousand US citizens join a growing group of more than 105,000 that await organ transplant every year. Over 6,500 of these people die before acquiring the required organ. Of the organs widely transplanted are liver, kidney, and heart. Remarkably, organ donors are fewer in number compared to the number of people in need of an organ transplant. However, most of the available organs come from deceased people who must have filled an organ donor’s card before death. Only a small number of donated organs though come from healthy people hence most organs are unacceptable. Statistics show that an estimated of only 6,000 transplants involves living donors annually.

Knowledge of who is viable for organ donation is important considering the large number of people in dare need of organs. Any person over 18 years of age can become a donor in his or her own consent. Those younger must have the consent of a guardian or parent. A medical assessment is vital before organ donation in order to help control the spread of contagious diseases. People with conditions such as cancer, HIV, kidney disease, heart disease, or diabetes may not be viable organ donors. Donors must thus inform the transplant team of any health concern early to avoid length but void processes.

Organ transplant is easier where the donor and the recipient match. The transplant team often subjects the donor to test to establish the match. However, some medical centers still carry out the transplants even across mismatches. The recipient in that case receives a special treatment to make his or her body friendly to the new organ. Of emphasis if the arising controversy over organ donation ethics. While the medical field boasts of organ transplant as one of the greatest achievements, some religious groups hold a stern stand against it. A donor must thus consider the societal perceptions of organ transplant before donating any.