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How to write a unique article review

Article review is a critical summarization of another article. Review is basically a productive analysis of an article by summarizing the main points discussed in the topic and by classifying, comparing and assessing the original article critically.

Writing an article review is a skilled undertaking. One has to be very skillful in writing, assessing, comparing, classifying and analyzing the article. You can find number of reviews written on the same article but audience or readers would prefer to read the review which is written more skillfully and in a unique way. Some people may start writing an article review randomly just by reading the original article for once but at the end they fail to provide the fruitful or desired results. If you are interested in writing a good article review then you need to follow a systematic outline or stepwise guideline in order to create a unique article review.

This article will provide you with few steps which are considered as necessary steps to follow while writing a good article review. Following are the steps to write a unique article review:

  • Understanding the Concept:
  • First of all you must have an understanding that what is an article review. You must be familiar with the operational definition of review.

  • Rationale of review writing:
  • You must also be familiar with the purpose and function of writing an article review. You must have multiple answers of the question that why should we write an article review. You can say that an article review is written in order to organize, evaluate, identify, understand and synthesize the literature and research areas.

  • Target Readers or Audiences:
  • You must be known with the fact that who is audience or readers of your review and for whom you are going to write an article review.

  • Methodological Approaches:
  • You must be well aware of the different types of methodological approaches which exist for writing an article review.

  • Fundamentals of the Review:

You must know the fundamentals of your review which includes:

  1. Title
  2. List of Authors
  3. Abstract
  4. Introduction
  5. Main Body
  6. Conclusion
  7. Acknowledgements
  8. References

You need to follow the above mentioned structured guideline while writing an article review. You can start writing your review by choosing a topic then you will develop it by following above mentioned headings or steps and prepare your first draft then you will revise it carefully and make a final draft.