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Tips And Tricks How To Craft An Article Review

Get Clarification

On the face of it being asked to do an article review sounds like the task ahead is straight forward. But, the first thing that you need to establish is exactly what is being asked of you. The term ‘Article Review’, is quite a general term and you need to clarification from your tutor as to their expectations. It needs to be pointed out here that even experienced journalists and writers will seek further description when requested to do an article review.

Type of Article

The chances are that the types of articles that you have been given to work on are not going to be the easiest in the world to read. If it was going to be easy then you wouldn’t be asked to do it. You need a plan.

The Crafty Plan

  • Reading and notes
    1. Skim through the article on the first reading.
    2. Now read through again. Allow yourself plenty of time for this. Make a few notes, but don’t let note taking be the objective for this session. This read is about understanding what you are reading. Have you managed to target the central issues of the article?
    3. Now you should be in the zone to read the article and make notes. You need to make a list of any of the concepts, or words that you need to define. (Use online library to do this). Make sure that any notes you take are kept safe, because you will be using these notes to build your Review.
    4. Have you uncovered any aspect that needs further investigation or research? This article may not be a standalone article. It may need to be linked to other work in other mediums. Do you need to talk to or interview anyone for more information?
  • Practical Planning
    1. Devise a timetable. Your time table should include any library visits, interviews, or online research. Target your deadline date and work backwards.
    2. Allow time to proofread and edit your review.
    3. Start making a plan of how you are going to tackle the review. Outline paragraph by paragraph.
    4. Ready to start?
  • Writing Tips.
    1. Draft and redraft. Make sure that you are following the instructions that you were given. Remember you are not just being asked to describe the article you are reviewing it.
    2. Start with a summary of the content of the article to set the scene for the reader. Remark on the value of the article in your field of study. Be OBJECTIVE.
    3. Common mistakes – forgetting that your objective is to Interpret and Analyze. Get your style correct; don’t write in an informal style.