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Binge Drinking Essay Writing Prompts

Binge drinking has different definitions, but in any definition or any language it is considered a problem of the young and old. Binge drinking is also one of those subjects that lend itself to a good amount of topics for essays. The nature of binge drinking would also put it as a prime subject of an informative essay that hopefully all can learn from.

Asking yourself questions is an important step in developing the backbone as well as the meat of you essay as they are what you will address. Without questions you honestly wouldn’t have an essay as there is nothing to tackle or go into.

Below are a few binge drinking topics.

  • What are the definitions of binge drinking?
  • Why do people binge drink?
  • What are signs of binge drinking?
  • What are the effects of binge drinking?
  • Statistics of people who have died as a result of binge drinking.
  • Binge drinking among teens. Is it common?
  • Do drinking ages contribute to an increase or decrease in binge drinking?
  • What is the treatment for binge drinking?


Focus is something we always touch on in regards to essays. It’s hard to pick out a topic when another seems like it would make for a great term paper. Your job is picking one that works for you. If you’re able to several topics, then do more than one.

Just know that the more you pick the more you will need to stretch out attention for a topic while managing the flow of your essay overall. Focusing on “Why do people binge drink?” alone would be good enough and not be demanding on your focus and flow while picking three or four topics would.

There’s also putting too much information in the journal which could kill the flow of the essay as well.

Bringing It Together

Once you’ve asked the questions, consider the answers and write them down. Once you’ve done that, consider the logic you used to come to that answer. You’ve managed to write the barebones for your topic. The logic—the path from point A (the question) and point B (the answer)—will make for meat of your essay.

Remember to keep the tone informative and not run into victim blaming territory about the person’s alcoholism. State the facts—don’t bombard the reader with too many—enough that he reader understands the information.