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Writing Book Reports: Vital Ideas From Professional Writers

Expert readers and reviewers of books have the quality of selective reading. They have the penchant to go through the crucial points of the book and naturally evade the useless ones. They derive the style of writing; conceptualization; progression of characters and the one central point that defines the book. They assess the poignancy and bite of the thesis and whether the works pass muster.

Art of summarizing

While writing a book report, you should pay heed to expert opinions or views of professional writers. You should realize that while the book may comprise of thousands of words, your report will go 800-1000 words at max. Thus, you need to ingratiate the quality of summarizing.

A reveling introduction

It is needless to say that you cannot miss out on general details; the book’s name, author and genre (fiction/non-fiction) in the introduction itself. You should start with a reveling introduction so as to automatically inspire the readers. The same holds true for thesis report as well.

The writer’s capacity

Your main body should sketch the capacities of the writer. State the spaces where he has come up with fresh ideas or fresh description of an oft-mentioned scenario. In the same, discuss the areas where he has shown weakness. For example, J K Rowling, it is unanimously accepted has been rich with imagination but poor with delivery in the last book of the Harry Potter series; especially the war scene.

The salient points

You should also bring out the points the books raises; whether it is a fiction or non-fiction book. Does it show new streams to tackle a detective book? Does it elucidate on a wonderful method of summarizing a thesis? You should do justice to the writer and be consistent, if unprejudiced with your report.

Traits of identity

You should emphasize the sections that carry the signature tune of the writer (if he has written previous books). State the tonal effect the writer may have on readers. It will be most apparent in the way the writer develops his characters. Complex writers do justice to most of their characters; treating them with layers rather than linearity.

An apt conclusion

Conclude with an assessment as to where the book has hit the jackpot and where it has missed the plot with the book or thesis. Mention the pace of the book; slow, fluent or gripping. Explain the pathos or uplifting emotions of the books. Overall, mention whether you recommend the book for reading and state your reasons for it.