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Creating an article review: organizing the writing process

An article review is a great way to get exposure to authors in your field of study. They require a student to read an article by an expert in the field and then write a summary and evaluation of that article. Article reviews are a popular way that instructors help get students used to literature in their field and you should become comfortable with the writing process for an article review.

Organization of the writing process is key to creating an article review. There are some concrete steps that you can follow to make sure you stay organized and write a great article review.


A thesis will guide you through the entire writing process. It is a key first step to the writing process. A thesis argues for your perspective on the of the research that is in the article that you are reviewing. After reading your materials, the thesis should be the first thing that you write. It will serve as the cornerstone for your entire article review.

Major Sections

As you move forward in your organization, remember that the article review has three main parts, similar to every paper. You will need an introduction, main body, and the conclusion. This is the skeleton for your entire review and will be the key to keeping good organization.


The best way to keep your thoughts organized is to create an outline. This should be a fluid and working document that you edit and grow throughout the process. It is where you will plan your sub topics for your main body and what points will support your subtopics. It is also a good place to note what parts of your reading will support these subtopics. Outlines should be short and focused. You do not need to worry about complete sentences or formatting at this time. Do what is comfortable to you.


The next step is to turn your outline into the first draft of your final text. It is key that you stay focused during this process. Eliminate distractions and being to write. It will start as a rough draft so work on getting your thoughts down in the order you have outlined them. Once you have gotten everything down on paper, you want to revise. Re-read and add, eliminate, or edit areas that need to be worked on. Each person has a preference for what order they write the different parts of the paper. Some writers start with the body and then work on the introduction and conclusions. Other writers prefer to tackle the introduction or conclusion first.

Once you have completed writing, it is always a good idea to put the project aside for a while and return to it later to give it a fresh review.

With some good organization and basic planning, it is easy to write a top notch article review.