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Writing An Article Review: Useful Suggestions

There are two purposes for an article review; to let readers know what an article is about, and its worth, or to introduce a student to a body of work, and have them review it. In the second, this shows the instructor that the student has read the article, and has some understanding of it. By what the review says, will tell the instructor how much the student understands the work, and then by the various reports, how well the class understands the article. Thus the way the review is written, is important to show the instructor where the student and class stand.

  1. Read and Research the article
  2. Use Information intelligently
  3. Show valid and Controversial Points
  4. Edit

Read and Research the Article

Read the article completely, and make notes. Read it again, and focus on major and key points. Research these points and see what has been shown in previous studies. Do not be afraid to show errors in the article, even if you are wrong, it shows that you are paying attention. Your instructor would rather work with a student looking into the issue, than one that just scans it.

Use Information Intelligently

When working on the review, do not assume, if there is a question, look it up. Make sure your points are valid, and lucid. Make sure to describe what the article is about, what it covers, and what benefits it offers. Then review the article as to what did you learn, what questions it made you ask and seek to answer. Bring these points up, in a logical and limpid, so the reader has no issues with your words and thoughts.

Show Valid and Controversial Points

If there are points that are not wrong, but controversial, do not hesitate to show them, and explain why they are debatable. Just as you would the valid points. When these papers are read, the reader needs to know where the author stands, even your instructor. They also need to know where you stand, as so to help them perceive why you feel this way. Like any essay, back yourself up with this. If you say something is questionable, show why you said that. Use a reference.


As always, edit everything you turn in. Edit it and make any corrections that need to be made. Then wait a while, even until the next day, and then edit it again, and see if there is anything you missed, and correct it.