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How To Write An Article: Learning The Ground Rules


Are you trying to become a freelance writer but have no idea how to write a simple article?  Maybe you are a college student writing their first article for the school newspaper.  Either way, you need help, and you need it now.  Do not worry, writing an article is much easier once you get some words down on paper.

Article Types

The first thing you must consider is what type of article are you writing?  With all the different kinds of articles, you may feel overwhelmed with which one you need.  Figuring out which kind of article you need to write is crucial in how your

readers will view the main points.  Here is a list of the different types of articles:
  1. Blogs - an informal article written by a person who tends a regularly kept journal online
  2. Product Reviews - an informational article used for telling others how well a certain product lives up to your expectations as a consumer
  3. News - these can generally hold their writers' or organisations' view points, but focus mainly on current events taking place in the world
  4. Scholarly Articles - a paper written with the sole purpose to educate the public on the more intellectual subjects such as theories in molecular science

Of course, most of these articles can be under the news categories since all of them are events happening at some point or another, however, there are distinct qualities that each one has.  For instance, blogs are usually just the views of one person, whereas scholarly artic

les will be well-rounded by including reasons for both sides of the argument.

Layout of the Article

Every piece of writing has some sort of formatting, and this includes articles. Generally, articles are designed to grip the reader and be concise with shorter paragraphs and bolder statements, especially in the newspaper business.  With some articles, though, you need to have a well-developed paragraph with ideas and an endpoint (like in scholarly articles).  Most other articles will develop the idea over the course of the entire article, such as a blog. Below is a list of tips on the layout of articles:

  1. Have headings, or names, for each section of the article for better flow
  2. Adding images can really help the reader see what you are talking about
  3. Finally, keep the article short and to the point
  4. Having overly long articles, especially for the first three types of articles, can mean less readers.  A sign of a good writer is the amount of people reading (and liking) the things they have written.  Keep these tips in mind when writing articles, and you will likely be a success!