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How to complete literature review in research proposal?

Don’t you just love it when the instructor wants you to complete something you have no idea about? For many students it is the literature review and many are required to include this portion in their research papers. It is seen as a significant part of the thesis or dissertation assignments, as well as lengthy term paper projects. A review written well can add value to the paper as a whole. Once you get some insight on its purpose and how to write one, you may get it completed sooner than you think.

Literature Review Purpose

In short, this section of the paper talks about other research that has been completed in relation to your topic. It helps readers get more understanding behind research you completed for your own assignment. In some ways it helps compliment your research since it mentions previous research concepts to help the audience further understand your reasons and evidence within your data. Since the literature review usually appears toward the beginning of the paper it helps provide insight by discussing aspects that may appear throughout the paper.

It is important to get a firm understanding of the literature review and what it is not considered. Meaning, some students assume it is a review that includes a summary of what books or articles they reviewed. It is actually more than this and this aspect can sometimes be challenging for students to write about. The review portion helps argue what your topic or research is about, but with relevant article and book content of similar context to your topic.

Tips to Help Write Your Literature Review

There are samples of good literature reviews to consider in helping you structure your information. When mentioning related literature works it should present a general idea of how it is related to content instead of presenting too much in detail. The length of the review may vary but it could depend on assignment guidelines. The length may vary while depending on how many sources you used and want to include.

They are usually brief pieces of content that present details in an alphabetical list form while being comprehensive. Writing the review can be difficult since you need to focus on trying to avoid being too broad with details. When you have something written it help to get feedback from those you know such as colleagues or your instructor.