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Guidelines for writing article reviews

There are many different instances that might lead to the need to write an article review. Sometimes, teachers like to assign these to their students in order to teach their lessons in a more innovative way. Other times, professionals in specific fields are asked to review articles, mostly to make sure that they're accurate. An article review is exactly what it sounds like: It's a review of someone else's article. These article reviews come with a summary of the original article and a constructive critique of the article in question. No matter what the reason is for writing an article review, they all have the same basic components and purpose.

  1. Read the article more than once
  2. It's tempting, especially if this is just a school assignment that you want to complete as quickly as possible, to read over the article once and then begin. It's best to read through it multiple times, so that you can be sure that you're looking at it at every possible angle. The second or third time that you read through it, you can take notes or highlight things that you want to go back to once you start writing your review.

  3. Create an outline of the things that you want to mention
  4. This is a pretty straight forward step, though there are two parts to it, not just one. First, make an outline of the article that you're reviewing. Write down all of the major points so that you can use it as guidance when you actually get to writing. You can write page numbers or paragraph numbers on this, so that it's easier to flip through the article to find everything. Then write an outline for your review, so that you can get an idea for how you want to put it together.

  5. Write an informative first paragraph
  6. There are a lot of things that you should be able to find within the first paragraph of your review. The title of the article, the author's name, and what the article was about are three of the most important parts of an article review's first paragraph. You might also want to hint at what your general opinion of the article is without giving too much away. What's the point in reading the rest of your review if the first paragraph summarizes the whole review in vivid detail?

  7. Use your outlines to summarize the article and detail out your opinion
  8. You don't have to write this part in to many details, but you should devote a few paragraphs to talking about the information that was found in the article. Just don't completely repeat everything. Your opinion is the most important part of the review, so make sure that you write more about what you think about it than what was originally written.

  9. Write a conclusion that ties it all together
  10. Many people give up by the time they get to the conclusion, but doing that could really damage your review. Without a conclusion, there is no closure, and your article review won't feel complete.