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How To Write A Critique?

Writing a critique in some way is similar to writing a review. This form of writing is often one page long and consists of five paragraphs including an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Guidelines for a critique may vary depending on instructor guidelines, but the overall idea is to respond to something you have read, seen or listened to. In doing so, you present positive and negative points as a cohesive evaluation. The following tips may be useful in preparing to write a critique.

  • Review samples of a critique to get more familiar with how to present your thoughts in written context. It is often easier to just say what you feel about something, but it can bring new meaning to how you say it when it is written.
  • Your introduction paragraph may help to introduce what you are critiquing. You may mention the name of the book and author (if this is what you are critiquing). The thesis statement or main idea may also appear in this paragraph. Try to have a strong opening sentence or something to hook readers.
  • The following 3 paragraphs will present what you have learned about what you’ve read. There may be analytical questions you work to answer as you include points you want to mention about the content. Each paragraph could be a point you want to discuss about specific parts of the book. You can mention a quote from the book or cite an example to help prove your argument. Keep in mind your critique may be longer depending on what is required or if you have more than 3 points you want to discuss.
  • Your last paragraph should be the conclusion which helps bring everything together. This would be an overall opinion of the content you are critiquing.

Other Details to Remember

If you are critiquing a book, movie, poem or song, it helps to take notes during the process before you start writing. You may want to recall this information in your critique. How you felt during certain aspects can be mentioned and even first impressions. Think about your opinion in how you feel about the work and why you feel the way you do. Some of the most significant points you may want to discuss and write about. Upon finishing, read over your critique to ensure it is in line with how you feel overall. Proofread and revise.