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How To Write An Article Review: Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

Article reviews are a pretty common assignment given to people in schools and in the workplace.  Article reviews can be a little confusing because most people don’t know what actually goes into one.  You want to analyze the article and write what you learned from it and tell the reader about how it was written.  These are the basics of how to do one and now I’ll tell you what to avoid when you are writing one.

Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

  • Most people give too much background information on the article.  The audience that is reading your review has already read the article and knows what it is about.  You don’t have to define terms or tell them about the theories in the article.  When you are writing remember that you are critiquing and evaluating the article and not teaching the reader.

  • Don’t focus too much on your introduction or conclusion, they are important but all of your body of your review is where you give them the support to the topic.  The facts are the most important part of the review and most article reviews only have a few sentences in the introduction and conclusion.

  • Some students start to write their article review and then one they finish they realize that they didn’t even touch on the main argument of the article.  This is a common mistake because they become too focused on one part of the article that they forget what the main point was in it.  You should underline or highlight the thesis of the article so you remember what the main argument is in it.  You should also underline or highlight all the major points that you can use as support in your review.  You want to critique the articles main argument in your review.

  • Don’t go off of the article’s content, only use sources that are in the article.  It might be hard to not write a review about the article for your own benefit but you want to evaluate and critique the content.  You should never try to find other sources for the article to support you facts.  All the information you will need is already there in the article. The only exception is if you find something that you can use to correct the author’s work, like if they misinterpreted or misrepresented information.