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How To Write An Article Review: A List Of Useful Hints

An article review is providing your take on what you thought about content you read. You need to have a unique understanding of what the author of the article was hoping to get across to their audience. It may help to find sample reviews to help you understand how to view article content before writing your own. Here are a few hints to help you write a good review and essential elements your content will need.

  • Take your time reading your content. When writing a review you need to understand the content before you. You need to understand the perspective being presented to you and what the author is detailing within their ideas and thoughts. Think about the content for a little bit and write down notes related to your thoughts.

  • Write a few drafts or at least take time to revise your content. Some students are content with just writing a draft and reading it over while making a few minor changers. If you write a draft you should read it and take note of what you are expressing. Your review should be a true reflection of what you think about the author’s work. Make sure your content represents your personal opinion of the content reviewed.

  • Think about the information carefully and make a list of points you want to mention in your review that others will find interesting. You may have hit a few interesting points while reading over the content. How did you feel when you came across this information? What do you think others will take from it? This form of information is what helps encourage others to read the content.

  • Consider yourself as a critic and think about what elements may see the most criticism. There are experienced critics that can be harsh with written content. They may feel the content lacks details or they can go in the other direction and think it is one of the best pieces of work out there. Be critical with your opinions and be open to what others may think even if they don’t agree with your thoughts.

  • Make sure your review is accurate based on what you thought about the content. Ensure your point of view gets across clearly. If you took the time to thoroughly read the content you will get a clear idea of what you want others to know about it.