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Writing A Good Article On Any Issue Is Really Easy

An issue article can be very interesting to write, but the lack of limitations can also become a problem. You must always remember that a good issue article must be balanced. This means that it must portray both the good and bad points of the topic. Your primary goal when writing this type of paper is to avoid idolizing the issue you have to describe. Try to be objective.

The process of writing an issue-oriented article is rather easy, but it can be time consuming. It consists of three stages:

  1. Research and gathering data.
  2. Presentation of the facts you’ve discovered.
  3. Assessing the issue’s pros and cons.

Although you can express your personal opinion when writing an issue-oriented article, you must choose your words carefully. The paper must not be offensive to anyone. You need to express your thoughts in a way that will allow people to understand why exactly you have this particular opinion. Be sure to word the article in a way that makes it clear that your personal point of view is not absolute, and other people’s beliefs also deserve recognition.

Here are a few tips that will make writing an issue-oriented article easier for you:

  • Choose a controversial topic.
  • The issue you will discuss in the article must be interesting and thought-provoking. You are bound to receive plenty of arguments and even some negative feedback if you post this kind of article on a blog. Therefore, you should prepare your arguments in advance so you will be ready to defend your point of view.

  • Be focused and concise.
  • Filler content is the killer of issue articles. You must stay focused on the chosen aspect of the issue you are writing about. Every argument you use must be logical and worded in a concise manner that is easy to understand.

  • Support your opinion with facts.
  • Always provide solid evidence to support your arguments. Include quotes and statistics to make the article seem more serious.

  • Stay professional.
  • This means that you must keep the article impersonal and never directly attack any issue, regardless of how you feel about it personally. You can show off your writing skills by wording the article in a way that will lead the readers to your conclusions. Just remember that you need to use hints and dry facts, instead of direct critique.

  • Include suggestions and solutions.
  • If the issue you are writing about requires some “fixing”, you will need to suggest a few ideas on how to do this.