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Comparison Between 3 Characters on Lost

Lost is a series about a plane crash which had a forty eight crew on board. After the crash, they find themselves in a deserted island - lost. They have to deal with the mysterious black smoke and, nevertheless, the different personalities of each and every person. This is because everyone has a different opinion of how to solve issues and it requires a lot of patience to deal with each and every person. Some diverse characters who make the plot of the story are John, Jack and Sun.

John Locke is an extra-ordinary person, a strong Christian who is driven by the power of faith. He is an open minded person and believes that every thing that happens has a purpose. John believes that there is a purpose for everything that is happening and that they are in the island for a reason. His faith can be seen in a certain instance when the black smoke pulls him towards a pit and he asks Jack to let him go as he believes that it is a test. Many of the things happening in the island can be discovered through John.

Jack Shepherd is another character who can simply be described as committed. His background is that of a demanding father which explains his career as a surgeon. He is known to stand up for what is right despite the situation. He believes that everything can be explained scientifically from a medical point of view. He is seen to assist each and every person even those that treat him badly and he never gives up on his patients unless they pass on. He is one person driven by the desire to help others.

Sun Kwon is a kind and polite person but very secretive. This can be seen when she fails to tell her husband, Jin, that she can speak English and her husband ends up being beaten by Michael. She is quite insecure and has to be pushed around to do things and especially by her husband but changes in the subsequent seasons. She starts doing things without being pushed around and roles seem to change between her husband and herself.

In conclusion, the three characters outlined above all have different personalities and each one of them has a different way of solving issues. This aspect has, on several occasions, led to crisis but they need to harmonize themselves.