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How To Write An Article Review: Things To Stay Away From

An article review is an opportunity for you to present your understanding (or even your lack thereof) of an article. This can be a peer article or a professional article published in your field. Because many highly academic articles are peer reviewed it can be great practice for you to write many article reviews during your academic journey. The more you are able to flex those muscles the better.

So what things should you avoid when writing an article review?

  • Avoid using words with which you are unfamiliar. If you do not really know how to use a certain word then just leave it out of your essay. The last thing you want is to true and awkwardly fit a word that you don’t really understand into your paper. The reader will know you don’t know how to use it. So just avoid this embarrassment.

  • Avoid copying the work of another writer. If the piece you are reviewing has been peer reviewed you want to avoid plagiarism or even unintentional plagiarism. The point of the article review is for you to give your thoughts on the piece. It is a chance for you to review it and to criticize or analyze it. If you read another review on the article it can be tempting to use those comments as yours or to just agree out ease. But don’t do that. Give it some thought and deep reflection. Personalize it.

  • Avoid fear of positive comments. Just because you are asked to think critically about the article does not mean you have to criticize it negatively. You can be positive. If you liked the article and thought the author made a well rounded and coherent argument then say so. There is nothing wrong with agreeing with the article so long as you really do. On that note…

  • Avoid being too afraid to state that you didn’t understand something. If you really didn’t grasp the article then say so. Saying you didn’t understand certain areas and why is a review in and of itself. So don’t be afraid of it.

  • Avoid forgetting the proofread. Give yourself enough time that you can finish writing the review and then step away from it for an entire day. Return to it the next day and proofread. You will be glad you did.