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Tips and tricks how to craft an article review

If you are crafting an article review your job is to present not only a summary of the article but also to evaluate the job the writer did in their article. As a professional in any academic field you will be required to write many articles and to review many more. Students are often tasked with writing an article review as a way to introduce them to this process.

Once you have the article you are to review it is important that you read over it three times.

Yes three times. Each time you are to do something different.

  1. The first time you read over the article you should only read the headings and subheadings as well as the introduction and conclusion and the first sentence for every paragraph in between.
  2. The second time you read over the article you should read it from start to finish.
  3. The third time you read over the article you should keep a pen or highlighter on hand and note any areas that are important.

Once you have done this you need to create two outlines.

Yes two outlines. Each outline serves a different purpose.

  1. The first outline is a summary outline. This is where you summarize each point made by the author. You summarize the arguments they made and their evidence.
  2. The second outline is your opinion. This is where you remark as to each argument made. You should note areas that are a contribution to the field which has never been made. You should note areas that showcase effective writing. You should also note areas that need improvement.

After this you should make a list of the strengths and weaknesses of the article. Strengths will be areas where the author presents a clear summation of an issue while weaknesses will be where they fail to provide new solutions or information. Use examples from the text to support the strengths and weaknesses.

When you start writing your review you want to refer to the article title and the name of the author in your first paragraph.

Following this you should summarize the article. This is where you use the summary outline (or outline number one) for help. You should then write your opinion portion. This is where you use the opinion outline (or outline number two). You should express your opinion about how clear or unclear the article was and how thorough or explanative it was. Make sure you have a topic sentence for every opinion you have with supportive arguments. After that you write your conclusion. This is where you summarize the main points and your opinions.