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Academic tips for an article review writing

If you are writing an article review, your job is to not only summarize the article of another writer, but evaluate it. This task is often assigned to students to introduce them to expert work in their field. As you advance professionally you will have to review the work of other professionals as part of your professional requirements and getting practice is good.

In order to write an article review, it is imperative that you understand the main arguments of the article. You won’t be able to provide an accurate summary if you did not understand the main points. A few other important elements include:

  • Logically evaluating the theme of the article
  • Logically evaluating the supporting arguments in the article
  • Understanding the implications for further research

Below you will find a few guidelines for writing a proper article review in school:

  1. Read the article multiple times.
  2. If you look over the opening statements, the headings, the first sentences for every paragraph, and the conclusion first, this will give you a general idea of the main arguments in the paper. Once you have done this, go back and read through the article from beginning to end. The third time you read over the article, you should have a pen or highlighter on hand so that you can highlight any sections that you found to be particularly important or make notes as you read.

  3. Create your summary outline.
  4. This is where you outline the main points of the article you just read and the supporting arguments it had. The point of this step is only to restate the main points the article made. You are not yet including any opinions. Look over your summary outline once you are done and get rid of items that are unnecessary. Cross out arguments that are not as important, and erase information that is supplemental.

  5. Create your opinion outline
  6. Take a copy of your summary outline and review every item you included. Look to see if the author is clear and accurate with each item. Write down every example of effective writing, every new contribution to your field, and parts of the article that could use improvement.

Once you have done this you are well on your way to being able to sit down and write out your article review. Make sure you proofread everything you write before you submit it and ensure it follows whatever format was assigned for your paper.