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Creating an Article Review: Outlining Your Opinions

Outlines are a great way to start a paper. In a school your teacher always said that an outline was a great way to structure your ideas before taking on a major paper. Those who took the advice usually had better crafted material, than those who did not take head to the advice. The lessons of the outline not only helped us through our high school days, it further traveled with us into our collegiate career where we often have to write papers with as much as 20 pages,12 point, in Times New Roman Font. Not only do we have to construct papers for our courses, but conduct reviews for other individuals work. Today I will be discussing outlining your opinions for an article review. I will be talking about how to structure your ideas and craft a well written review.

Your writing skills have to be on their A game. To start your review, you have to make use of the outline. A review is nothing but your opinion about what works and what does not work with the paper. You may hold a lot of opinions on the work, but have not enough space to write it all, that's where the outline comes. The outline helps you organize your opinions. In order to be successful, you have to prioritize. You have to jot down the most important aspects of the paper you want to discuss. Before you can do that, make note of what the central concept of the review is. After that is established, pull out your main points and jot down some supporting details down. The best way to get all these details mapped out is through using a brainstorming tool as a brain map or web.

Once you put your outline together, you need to review. You want to make sure all the points listed flow well together creating fluidity amongst the paper. I say this because you don't want a paper that lacks focus. A paper that lacks focus will distract your readers from the main point you are trying to convey to them. From the outline you can start to write your review. Start by telling the reader the work that you are reviewing, and let them know your stance on it as well as main points you will be discussing. Then follow with the outlined topics and supporting details.