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Learning How to Write an Article Review in 5 Steps

Writing an article review will be easy if you follow the steps listed below.

  • Read the article and reread it again.
  • You will need to do this more than two times in order to make sure that you don’t miss anything important. Study each part of the article separately, and then reread it entirely while using a highlighter to mark the parts you will use in the review. You can take notes to write down your ideas while you read.

  • Write an outline for the article’s summary.
  • This outline must only restate the article’s main points. Do not include your opinions and arguments into it.

    Reread the outline and cut out any weak points or unnecessary details. It must be clear, concise, and to the point.

  • Outline your opinions.
  • At this stage, you will need to consider all the arguments you will include in the review. Make sure that every point you make is clear and well-defined. Think of the evidence you can use to support each of them.

  • Write the review.
  • Expand every point of your outline. The summary of the article itself should be included in the first section of your review.

    The rest of the paragraphs should focus on your opinions and the significance of the article. You will need to explain its position in the field of study, and the effect it can have. Will it change the way people perceive the issue? Can it fill in some of the blanks that exist in the field? Is the article only a rehash of already known facts?

    Analyze the structure and style of the article, and determine how its form affects the reader’s perception.

    Each of the body paragraphs must be focused around a single topic sentence, and include quotes or other evidence to support the argument.

  • Write a conclusion.
  • This section of the review must contain your personal view of the article. You must state your opinion on its form, content, and significance. State whether you consider the article to be comprehensive or if more research of the topic should be conducted to clarify it.

Please note that article reviews vary in style and form. You will have to discuss the requirements this type of paper must meet with your professor. Instructors tend to use personalized approaches to this particular piece of academic writing. This means that following generalized guidelines will not help you create a review that will satisfy your professor.

Finally, you should always edit and proofread your review before you hand it in.