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Unique Topics For Satire Articles For Free

Take a current, somewhat controversial topic, add humor, wit, irony, lots of exaggeration, and a bit of absurdity, and you have the healthy recipe for a satirical essay. Any topic is game because this is satire, and the gloves are off, so to speak. You must keep in mind, the most famous satirical essay in history is Jonathan Swift's A Modes Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People from Being a Burthen to their Parents, or the Country, and for Making them Beneficial to the Publick." And in this essay, Swift argues that the ultimate solution to poverty in Ireland is to fatten up poor children, sell them to meat markets all over Ireland and sell this meat to rich Irish landowners. Now you'd think the topic of eating children would be in quite bad taste, but satire, as long as it's done right, makes any topic permissible . . .

In our time, there are all kinds of topics rife for satire. Social media, for example, has people writing all kinds of gibberish all day and wasting gobs of time, drinking, gang violence, the issue of legalizing drugs—anything can become the subject of satire.

For example, let's think about the topic of texting and driving. How could we take a satirical approach to this without over offending moms everywhere? Perhaps work in some matter about the dangers of it while using humor—Of course, no one wants their child mowed down by some silly teenager texting “LOL” to a friend, right? Work in an “illegalize cell phone use till children are 26” –see exaggeration soothes the topic and makes it okay.

Your ultimate goal is to merge facts with humor. So research current events, watch late night talk shows, as they all use satire, as do comedy shows like Family Guy, Dennis Miller, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and the fake news articles in The Onion—these all are heavily satirical and will get you thinking like a real satirist.

Topics I Can Suggest

  1. Blood or Crip?: A Psychology of the Corner Mafia
  2. Steps to Becoming a Philosopher—Step One, Say “I’m a Philosopher”
  3. Gang Violence in the US: Convenience Store Lootings, Drug Deals, and Shootings.
  4. Doctors, Drink, and Drugs: Steady Hand Unsteady Mind?
  5. Texting Mania—or At Least Kids are Writing Something—Even if it’s LOL
  6. Smoking without Smoking: New Dangers of Smoking Wrinkles from ECigarettes
  7. A Proposal to Stop Your Friends and Family from Drunk Dialing You
  8. Why Can’t I Wear My Duck Dynasty Tee Shirt to School? The Serious Issue of School Uniforms.
  9. A Proposal to Stop the Burial Problem

Five Educational Sites Where You Can Get Satire Topics for Free

(Note: make sure to search with different search terms such as “Satirical Argument Topics” and “Topics for Satire, Student Topics for Satire”—experiment with terms—you’ll find scads of topics this way!

  1. Essays in College
  2. Platform Learning: Essay Writing Basics for all College Students
  3. Ehow: Good Ideas to Write a Satire Essay About
  4. StudyMode
  5. Bright Educations: Tips on Writing a Good Satire Essay

Remember, satire can move people to take greater notice of a topic than a serious essay. It is a positive influence and approaching people through humor is a great way to draw attention to the necessity of our attention to important topics.

Good luck and write with purpose.