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How to Structure your Article Reviews

While you may have a general idea of what themes and ideas you want to address in your article review, it is important to stay within structural guidelines. These guidelines will help with the overall flow of your article review and prove to keep organization at its optimal structure, which will therefore provide clarity and conciseness to the future audience. Article reviews are a great way for expressing your opinions about a piece of work that you read previously, but it is essential to keep things professional and follow a simple structure guide for the article review that will ultimately showcase your ideas and opinions in a clear and organized way. Here are some tips on how to structure your article review.

Basic structure

In the first paragraph, this is the place to state any objectives, goals, or purposes of the article. Be sure to present the article’s domain or topic area in this first paragraph to set the precedent of what the reader should expect to gain from reading the rest of the review. In the second paragraph, state the article’s intended audience. This is an important part of an article review so the audience can have a general sense of how much background information they should be familiar with to understand the article that you are writing. In the third paragraph, this is the area of the article review that you should be sure to state whether the article is “conceptual” or “empirical” and give reasons to support your evidence of the argument. Conceptual articles tend to support arguments that are based on logical and persuasive reasoning, while empirical articles offers evidence that is to support the argument that is able to be backed up with facts and research.

In the next part of the article review, it is essential to give a summary of the original article that you are giving a review to. The summary should not be very long, and can take up only two or three paragraphs. The summary should just be long enough to give the reader a reminder of what you are reviewing. Also in the summary should be mentioned what problems or opportunities should be addressed, what possible solutions should be proposed, and what evidence can support this solution that is deemed appropriate.

The next part of an article review is expressing your opinion over the original article. Some ways to boil this down is to re-identify the issue, address why the issue is important, which ways it is unresolved, and provide suggestions for resolving it. This is a very basic and general guideline to follow for your article review, but will allow for a coherent end piece that is vital for your end result. Refer to these suggestions in order to maximize your article review.