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How To Write Articles: 5 Great Ideas You Should Use

Article writing is one of the most popular entry points into the freelance and flexible job market. Most adults can write at least at some level and with just a bit of practice many can even become competent writers. If you’re aspiring to write articles well, take a look at these tips and see how much they can help you:

If at all possible, stick to your knowledge base

Sometimes as a writer you will find yourself being presented with a topic you have absolutely no prior knowledge of. This means that whatever time it usually takes you to write a piece of that length you should at least double it to make room for research. This can make your assignment less profitable in real terms and less enjoyable if the subject is boring. Stick to what you’re comfortable writing on, it’s your skill.

Know the extent of what’s being asked of you

Just as being given an unfamiliar topic can make your writing process difficult, avoid clients who are vague about their needs. If the word limit seems very variable but the payment is rigid, your time will end up woefully undervalued.

Create an outline

An outline, even if it’s very simplistic, can help you avoid redundancy. This will make your article seem focused and useful as opposed to uncertain or even an attempt at gratuitous word-count padding. Some clients might not mind that but it pays to set up a reputation for quality.

Write engagingly

Articles are unlike most forms of academic writing in that you are clearly expected to entertain the reader as well as inform. Boring articles lose readers and lost readership can result in you losing a steady client. You need not be ‘funny’ exactly to hold the reader’s attention. Just develop your own distinct voice and use it whenever you write.

Check carefully for errors

The inclusion of errors within your writing will make you seem like a novice. The best-paying clients will avoid you like the plague and you will find yourself fighting with substandard freelancers for the lower paying jobs. This is a sad end for a promising writer and can be avoided with just a little bit of effort.

These five tips will serve you in good stead on your journey as an article writer!