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How To Write An Article Review: 5 Steps To Follow

Like most types of papers to write, there is a tried and true method to writing a solid article review and have yours stand out from the rest. The purpose of a review is to assess and sum up another author’s writing, and your teacher probably assigned you this review to introduce you to an author you haven’t read before. To show that you really thought about what you read, follow these steps.

  • First, read over it several times
  • Of course you’re going to miss a few things the first time you read through something, so having a few read-throughs will guarantee you have a thorough understanding of what you read. On the last one or two reads, take notes in the margins. This will help you form your own thoughts on what you read and will prove to be a handy resource once you actually sit down to write your own review.

  • Second, make an outline
  • Now this goes for just about any paper you’re going to write, not just reviews: outline, outline, outline. Always start with an outline. If your thoughts on what you’re writing are directionless, your paper will most certainly be directionless, too. You want your writing to be captivating and coherent. If you have an outline your paper doesn’t have to wander here in there. It has a clear, sharp focus that will keep the reader (your teacher) interested all the way through.

  • Third, start writing
  • Begin with a very general introduction of the article, and then launch into a summary. For a school paper, this will prove to your teacher that you actually read the thing. But also it will set up some background for any points you make thereafter, in the next section.

  • Fourth, the next section: state your opinion
  • Here’s where you actually review the article. You’ve already shown that you know what you’re talking about. Now you get to show what you think of what you’re talking about. Address points one-by-one and don’t move on until you think you’ve given enough reason for what you think to satisfy a reader. Back up your stances with real-life comparisons. Ultimately, what you’re reviewing is whether the author wrote something that added a valuable point of view worth talking about.

  • Lastly, summarize your own review and conclude your paper
  • This part is easy. Reiterate the article itself briefly and then your own views. Wrap up the whole thing neatly and turn it in for an excellent grade.