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Article Reviews: Writing Hints From An Expert Writer

Occasionally, in your academic career you may be asked to write an article review. These reviews are meant to summarize your understanding of an article and are supposed to include your own opinions on what you have read.

Writing an excellent article review takes a bit of skill. Here are some of the best article review writing hints from an expert review author.

  1. Know your objective
  2. Reviews are not supposed to be a re-writing of the same information found in the article. Instead, the purpose of the review is to summarize and analyze what you have read. This can be done rather briefly. Just make sure you understand “why” you are supposed to review the content to begin with.

  3. Consider the material
  4. Once you have identified the articles main purpose, you will want to develop your own opinions on it in order to complete the review. Basically, what you need to do is critique the author’s approach to presenting their information. Do this, by identifying their thesis as well as the examples that they have used to defend it. If the article is written from a single perspective determine whether or not you agree with that point of view.

  5. Share your own opinions
  6. Think of your review as an opportunity to include your own thoughts on the articles subject matter. If you agree with what the writer has expressed say so. If not explain why, and defend your argument using a few brief but strong evidence points.

  7. Have a constructive discussion
  8. Review writing is really about having a constructive discussion about someone else’s creative work. Make sure that you ad value by intellectually commenting on what has been written. It is okay to dislike or disagrees with the author but you want to be honest about why you feel the way that you do within your own writing. It is also an opportunity to analyze the quality of the other individuals work. Were they successful? What could they do to improve?

Reviewing another person’s writing is actually a great way to improve your own work. By examining someone’s approach to writing and commenting on it you are learning how to become a better article writer It is also a chance to make recommendations and use your own expertise to examine critically a fellow writer’s work. This is why more and more instructors are having students write reviews, because you can learn so much from the exercise.